RappUnger is an experimental design studio, driven by a captivation with elemental and spatial relationships, exploring primarily SPATIAL DESIGN
and materiality. This multidisciplinary team aspires to BREAK DOWN BARRIERS
between fine arts, craft and design while creating works that range from EVERYDAY OBJECTS
to unconventional INSTALLATIONS.


Idalene Rapp and Natascha Unger are a Berlin-based experimental design duo, driven by a captivation with elemental and spatial relationships, exploring and experimenting through spatial design and materiality.

Their collaboration dates back to their time at the Berlin Academy of Art, Weißensee, where they both completed their BA and MA in Textile and Surface Design. Throughout their studies and years of creative partnership, they have developed a fascination with testing and exploring the limits of materials. They embrace an open and playful process that blends lines between disciplines. Drawing from traditional craft and textile techniques as well as emerging architectural and structural innovations, they strive to thoughtfully balance the interplay of space, light, and elements in the forms they create. Beyond this, they aspire to break down barriers between fine arts, craft and design in their work, which is reflected in the pieces they create: two- or three-dimensional, permanent or temporary, blends of disciplines, walking the line between utility and whimsy. While the portfolio of work ranges from everyday objects to unconventional installations, what unites and defines the duo´s work are three leitmotifs throughout all their work: playing with the observers’ perception, transforming materials, and oscillating between function and aesthetic.

Selected Exhibitions